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Bamberg in meinem Kopf
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Die neue Single von J.Bluebird.V produziert von
Turtle Tone-Records in Rentweinsdorf www.turtletone.de

Cover:  Marc Buchner

erhältlich bei:
Turtle Tone Records oder bei Jürgen Bluebird Vogel

Songs for the Street

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Tracks 1-6 produced 2005 at the Holygrave-Studio/Bamberg by J.Bluebird.V.
Track 7 produced by Tamas für Turtle Tone-Records in
Rentweinsdorf www.turtletone.de, LC 14400

Tracks 1-6: Anette Heinrichs / Violine
Juergen Bluebird Vogel / Lead- and Harmonyvocals,
Guitars, Drum- and Bassprogrammings
Track 5: Anette Heinrichs / Harmonyvocal
Track 7: Günter Frank / Drums
Steve Hyde / Bass
Bluebird / Lead- and Harmonyvocals, Guitar, Organ, Fiddle

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Chapple, Hyde & Porzel
Released 2002 TOLLTON Records ® all Rights reserved LC 7646
Recorded and mixed by Steve Hyde at Freddy Wachters CHAT-Studio
Final mastering by Peter Hahner at Tonstudio Inside

Guitar, Voc. - Steve Chapple
Bass, Voc. - Steve Hyde
Drums, Voc. - Steff Porzel
Organ on "Daddy`s coming home"
and "Summertime" - Juergen Bluebird Vogel
Out in the jungle

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Released 2000 © Sabai Corner LC 6662

Musiker: Guitar - Manne Czichon
Bass - Micha Hasler
Drums - Uli Doser
Vocals - Sara Doser
Vocals, keyboard - Margret Mors
Guitar, Vocals - Mockl Ohnesorg
Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals, Violin - Juergen Bluebird Vogel

Cover - Juergen Bluebird Vogel
Couch Potatoes

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Released 1994 © Couch Potatoes

Guitar, Vocals - Dieter Hoffmann
Guitar, Lead Vocals, Cello - Saevar Ingimundarson
Drums - Peter Hirsch
Bass - Michael Salomon
Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals - Juergen Bluebird Vogel